Our rate

No credit refused of 500$ or more


The lending companies we do business with offer:

  • An annual interest rate of 24%
  • In case of default, the applicable interest is 2.66% per month 24% per year
  • In case of default and non-cooperation, the debt will be sent to the collection department.
  • A brokerage fee is applicable when obtaining the loan.


Our collection department uses recognized and reliable methods. if you miss a payment, our collection agents will join you to make a payment agreement. There are many ways to make an agreement according to our discretion when your payment is missed. Interest on the balance will continue to accumulate and any expenses legally incurred for the recovery of the amount due will be at the expense of the borrower. Any amount due will be completely collected according to the law.


Applications will undergo a review process to ensure that the client is able to repay the loan. This process includes: verifying that your salary is sufficient, verifying that you do not have many missed payments and that you do not have many current short term loans in order to make sure your loan with us will be repaid on time.

Always keep in mind that a short-term loan generates higher interest than a loan at a local financial institution. They are expected to be used as periodically and in the event that there are no other solutions available with a lower interest rate. Used responsibly, the short-term loan can prove to be the right solution for you considering your financial urgency.  Several loans with companies of this kind can lead you to a debt overload and cause big financial problems. Please be responsible.


You can repay your loan faster if you wish. interested?